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This is a community for people who write about alternative-britpop-indie-rock music for a magazine, fanzine, website, newspaper, anywhere. Or people who make photographs, or works on music radio programs, or tv shows. Some of us are journalists but we all know you dont have to be one to be a good music writer, etc. The idea of the community is to ask/give advise, get some tips and help about getting a job, collaborating somewhere, knowing our rights, getting passes, working as a freelance, help with a review, article... Anything you needed to know and didnt know where to ask about.
Anyone in some way related to music press is welcome to join, even if you only are an enthusiast, we all are.
Its a good place too to share new bands mp3s or to find about new magazines, websites... Feel encouraged you to post about new bands, sites, labels, tours, anything you can think about!
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