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Looking for writers.

National music magazine looking for:

Writers : CD Reviewers, Band Bios Writers, Music Columnists, Social Networking writers, Interviewers, Live Reviewers.
Reporters : Up to date news

We are based out of Charlotte, NC, London, UK, and somewhere around the bend in California. Though we have writers from everywhere at this point. Started with the focus of "Raw Concert Photojournalism' and has stayed the course. We'd like eager individuals to add their own spin on the music industry. Bring with you an idea for a column or two. We're in re-design on the website (so you know) but have a loyal following and are ever expanding. We cover all music genres and have a voracious and keen eye for the local scenes of all places. We do Notes from the Underground to spotlight this. We do local, regional, and national acts. I enjoy seeing music I'd probably never see or hear otherwise.

Again we're looking for some writers to write. If you or anyone you know might be interested please contact me at

Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from some of you,
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Wanna link us?


me again. Raw Investigations just went through a complete make-over: New team (from Germany, France, Luxembourg, Finland and Brazil), new server, new layout.

If you own an online music mag and want to link us, please let us know ( and we'll link you back of course :)
Also email if you want to help to translate into either German or French or if you want to join in general, we might add you to our team.

Ta ta.
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EDIT: We are not looking for more members anymore. Thanks to everyone who as emailed :) Much appreciated!

Hi :)
I'm from Raw Investigations. We're an online music mag and write about hardly known bands because we think they deserve it hehe
Unfortunately Anne, who founded the homepage with me, dropped out because she doesn't feel "like writing about music anymore".
So, we're looking for new members.
We're based in Germany, France and Ireland, so it would be great if you came from a different country.
Basically, we're doing reviews, interviews and blogs, just check out the homepage and if you're interested in participating, just drop us a line ( and tell us what you're interested in doing and maybe give us an example of that (like a review you've written or a few pictures).
We'll be happy about any email of people that love music as much as we do and like to tell the world about it.
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Hi guys, once again I am looking for volunteers to write for I am looking for CD and Gig reviewers as well as feature writers. Everything is on a volunteer basis and I will beable to send you CDs and possible get you guestlist for shows so you can review them, then you submit your review and it goes on the site. :)

We mainly concentrate on alternative/rock music so if you're interested please email me on - free music

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